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Hi Tooters, I am an artist on the internet, and I paint a lot, so you should expect that. I also paint and draw other things, like trains, aliens, robots, gods, ugly old people, people with long shoes, long cats, and landscapes.

I have created two books with Memo Kosemen & Darren Naish: All Yesterdays, about how we portray dinosaurs, and Cryptozoologicon, about mystery animals.

My website:
My patreon:

Anatosaurus (/Anatotitan/Edmontosaurus/Trachodon, etc.) eating some grass.

Chemical Beach, a drawing, is perhaps the only dream-inspired picture I've ever done.

Another drawing, and another God: the great Saddleman stands at the beginning of the world and drips life into the wind.

@me @mike A modern example would be the stained glass windows of the Strategic Air Command Memorial Chapel at Offut airbase (a USA airbase), detailed in this thread by an anthropologist who studies nuclear weapons culture:

Whether it's from Constantine or SAC, it's primarily about the military advantages of combining religion and war.

On the internet, I see a lot of people with fox heads and fox tails. I prefer foxes with people heads and people tails.

I've got to the stage in a painting where no amount of digital trickery (adjustments, filters, textures, moving things) seems to be fixing it. The only thing left to try is painting it better.


The CSS on my website is 1000 lines of Less which I have only ever added to, and never removed anything. I feel like it is a monster waiting to crush me with it's sheer weight of history.

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