Hi Tooters, I am an artist on the internet, and I paint a lot, so you should expect that. I also paint and draw other things, like trains, aliens, robots, gods, ugly old people, people with long shoes, long cats, and landscapes.

I have created two books with Memo Kosemen & Darren Naish: All Yesterdays, about how we portray dinosaurs, and Cryptozoologicon, about mystery animals.

My website:
My patreon:

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@me i can't stop looking at the hypacrosaurus face, it's adorable :)

Jesus Christ. I've read All Yesterdays. I never knew I would find your profile on Mastodon.
I like how you paint dinosaurs not as monsters that are constantly roaring and killing each other, but as regular animals that are just going about their business. And your style is great, too. I'm really glad to see your art here!

@ivroneum hey, thanks. I’ve been on Mastodon for a few years, but only decided to get serious about it a couple of weeks ago.

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