For your , I bring you a giant Barosaurus dwarfing some Diplodocus (and some on-sauropod dryosaurs.

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@me why were they shaped with such long necks? Do you think they spent most of fire lives in water?

@stunder nearly all sauropods were very badly adapted for life in water — they had long necks for the same reason as giraffes, to reach high foliage.

@me I really know nothing about dinosaurs besides their bones are cool to look at. How big were tress back then? It seems a creature that massive would eat a the tops of trees like a cow eats grass.

@stunder Yeah, these are the questions people have been asking about sauropods since we discovered them.

Even the biggest, longest-necked sauropods probably reached something like 20m (more average ones less than half that), which isn't very tall for for the types of tall conifers they were eating.

Modern forests have canopies between 20 to over 40m, so the forests didn't have to look any different. Sauropods are the only animals have evolved to eat such canopies from the ground, however!

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