Please god, someone make me actually paint something rather than fiddle about with my website tech... please?

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I mean you gotta fuck around with the website a little bit every few years, do it right and it mostly just quietly runs in the background doing its thing without any intervention.

@anthracite I never manage to do it right! My Patreon integration breaks every now and then because of goddamn tokens or some bullshit.

I spent so long adding a feature that required Strip integration that the deprecated the API before I finished.

My love-hate relationship with working on my website is strong.


hahaha oh god that's asking for trouble, I just have everything available publicly on my site, plus a few pages with WP's password protection or ones that are simply not publicly linked. Too much like work to get anything else going.

@anthracite It's even worse than it sounds. I've got a completely custom setup because I am so fussy and stupid.

My site's written in Node.js, which I deploy and update using custom scripts on my Mac; it reads from custom data files in a format I invented, with a custom logging module I wrote, a custom templating engine I wrote, to deal with the custom templating language I invented.

It's bonkers and I'm stupid.


hahahaha OH GOD BEEN THERE, I used to have a custom version of a minimal php gallery project that I'd added some comics stuff onto, I'm so glad I finally switched over to Wordpress a while back.

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