I've been trying to organise my thoughts on what I want my website to actually do, and I keep running around in circles in my head.

Can anyone recommend a Mac app that's a bit like a freeform to-do, but doesn't actually expect you to be getting things done™?

I actually prefer paid apps, but Omni Outliner is a little much...

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blank piece of paper

or if you must do it digitally, open a blank canvas in whichever art app makes you happiest to use today

@anthracite paper? Ew!

I did a painting yesterday. I DO NOT LIKE. I guess after 25 years of painting and drawing practically every single day I should just accept I might burn out sometimes.


ugh physical media is SO MUCH WORK compared to digital, I dunno how people managed to be productive with real media!

@anthracite and expensive! I think the way I did it was just by being much worse.

@me I use emacs. I'm not a Mac user though as you may have guessed. ;)

@fentiger Yeah, Org-mode? I've tried plain text-based ways for doing this, but it doesn't feel right.

@me Just plain text files; they're not quite as freeform as I'd like sometimes but they're good enough. I've never really got on with org-mode for some reason.

@fentiger I've tried something similar, TaskPaper, which is basically some UI sugar on plain text. It's all too linear for me. I think probably what I actually want is some sort of mind-mapping thingamebob. Not super happy with any of the ones I've looked at though.

@me I like Microsoft OneNote. It’s sort of a free form scrapbook/notes app.

@Guy Thanks, this actually looks pretty close to what I want. Never would have thunk of Microsoft!

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