The CSS on my website is 1000 lines of Less which I have only ever added to, and never removed anything. I feel like it is a monster waiting to crush me with it's sheer weight of history.

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@me everytime I think of CSS , I am reminded of a thing you said: "It's a bit like geology; it's all very necessary, but I don't want to have anything to do with it"

You were talking about genetics when you said that, but it's how I feel about CSS and web stuff in general.

@me I remember how exciting CSS was in the first couple iterations, and used it extensively in the 2.0 days, but since I switched my site to SquareSpace hosting for the 3.0 version 6 or 7 years ago (and their WYSIWYG editor) I haven't even looked at CSS.

@ScottHartman I took my eye of off the ball with CSS too, and it's changed quite a bit. It's kinda crazy what you can do with it now (it's also become quite messy).

@me It's possible to make a complete mess with any computer language, but it's especially easy with CSS and its derivatives.

@keesey yeah, it’s not like my Javascript is the cleanest code around, but I have to delete bits or it will do things I don’t want it to do. With CSS you can just keep adding overrides and specificity, which is how it’s actually supposed to work.

@keesey @me You guys know about right? I remember first seeing it ?15 years ago and being blown away.

@mike @keesey Of course! CSS Zen Garden is what I got inspired by when I got into CSS. Problem is, a lot of what it does is fitted to what CSS is good at. You can't just think of some layout and make it in CSS (the layout of my my site is still impossible in CSS, I think. I do it with Javascript).

Modern CSS has got more power, with variables, all sorts effects filters, flexboxes and and animation, but it's pretty much a write-only language, IMO, and still lacks features.

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