@me that coinage will soon be obsolete
thanks to the rising of the seas
and the drowning of the city
caused by fossil fuel energy

@llewelly But no fiat, so power to the people, such freedom. Wow.

@me what's next? Crypto-ids, cryptocurrencies that are currently unknown to science

@hypnotosov @me I suppose if one believes in the id, bigfoot could be said to spring from the id, and thus the cr*pt*c*rr*nc*y id might be BigFootCoin ... since there are thousands of cr*pt*c*rr*nc*ices, there might already be a BigFootCoin - I'm not going to check.

@llewelly @me there's room for so many more crypto-ids:
Megalocoin (MLC),
Coin Rit (XOR),
Ouroboros (ADA),
Yetherium (YTH),
Bigcoin (BGC),
Bigcoin UK (SKY),
Faircabra (FAB)

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