10% of techhy websites sending interest-cohort=() will have neglible effect on the efficacy of google's spyware

10% of techy websites blocking the browser would have an effect


Question is : how ? User-agent ?

How to block a browser, and doing so without using the same tools that served to track users habits ?

Google made its way and is unstoppable. Thanks everyone for continuing to use the search engine, and recommend Chrome over anything else. We're fucked and adding a header which may or may not be interpreted by Google' bots won't change that.


@richard @joeyh

This is not a trivial as I imagined, because Brave specifically presents itself as Google Chrome to reduce its fingerprint. Google has also removed a couple of Javascript objects that used to identify it. Hmm.

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@me Detect the cohorts API itself, perhaps? Good ones will quickly disable it, and Chrome will be the only broken browser out there.

@richard @joeyh

@minoru @richard @joeyh I don't know, but I think Brave and Vivaldi might start spoofing the API to avoid fingerprinting. Seems like it's a hard problem.

@me I get it, but if the presence of that API means the website doesn't work, Brave and Vivaldi will probably disable the API even if it distinguishes them from Chrome. But perhaps I'm putting too much faith in the effectiveness of boycotts.

@richard @joeyh

@minoru @richard @joeyh Yeah, maybe, but I don't think enough people would actually boycott. I'd be willing to go with a banner for my own site, or maybe a day of blocking, but not a blanket Chrome ban, and I care!

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