Does anyone out there in Fediverse-land know if there an alternative to Patreon that does per-work (rather than monthly) subscriptions?

(I wrote something for myself using Stripe, but they deprecated the API before I went live, oops!)

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I have not see one thus far. Everyone just clones monthly support.

@anthracite It's crazy, because when I compare myself with similar artists, I'm earning way more because of it.


It LOOKS like so much less on the Patreon page and I wonder if that's part of why nobody clones it? Dunno.

@me I would bet on Ko-Fi adopting it pretty quickly; they've been rolling out Patreon-alike features *fast*. But they don't have it yet.

@silverseams do they have a feature request page anywhere? – I can't find one.

@me is there no way to revive the API? Have you written to them about it?

@HerbSteelbranch I think the API stayed alive for a while, it wasn't a sudden move - but I didn't want to build something into my site that would break in a year or two.

There is a replacement, but it seemed more complicated, and honestly probably beyond my skill level. (I'm an idiot developer).

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