Does anyone out there in Fediverse-land know if there an alternative to Patreon that does per-work (rather than monthly) subscriptions?

(I wrote something for myself using Stripe, but they deprecated the API before I went live, oops!)

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I have not see one thus far. Everyone just clones monthly support.

@anthracite It's crazy, because when I compare myself with similar artists, I'm earning way more because of it.


It LOOKS like so much less on the Patreon page and I wonder if that's part of why nobody clones it? Dunno.

@me I would bet on Ko-Fi adopting it pretty quickly; they've been rolling out Patreon-alike features *fast*. But they don't have it yet.

@silverseams do they have a feature request page anywhere? – I can't find one.

@me is there no way to revive the API? Have you written to them about it?

@HerbSteelbranch I think the API stayed alive for a while, it wasn't a sudden move - but I didn't want to build something into my site that would break in a year or two.

There is a replacement, but it seemed more complicated, and honestly probably beyond my skill level. (I'm an idiot developer).

There is probably something if you can read Japanese.

Is there no way to embed or share recurring payment links from Stripe, specific for each project? Is that exactly what you say, they deprecated.

@arefgee They had an embeddable metered billing form which did what I wanted, but I think they deprecated all the embedded from APIs? Not sure now.


Honestly, it must suck to be Stripe and comply with every idiot regime and their nonsensical restrictions. Here, I cannot use it for domestic payments, only international. And nothing recurring, or without the payee's billing address...

@arefgee You've nudged me to take another look at Stripe's metered billing (I last did a couple of years ago) and it looks like you can do this though Checkout now, so that's probably what I should do.

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