Chemical Beach, a drawing, is perhaps the only dream-inspired picture I've ever done.

Another drawing, and another God: the great Saddleman stands at the beginning of the world and drips life into the wind.

On the internet, I see a lot of people with fox heads and fox tails. I prefer foxes with people heads and people tails.

A new - there's a little tradition in palaeoartist circles that at some point, you need to paint a "what if Troodon had survived until now?" picture.

I have the definitive answer: Comtesse d'Innosouroidé

A new , Saturn.

Mission control, we've discovered the nature of dark matter.

It's a very large nude old guy with no clothes on and a nasty looking knife.

This is one of my older drawings, but also one of my favourites. Meet The Longbodys:

It was the first time I really pushed transparency to give a painterly effect in vectors. I don't remember seeing the technique before I did this, so I'm going to assume I invented it.

I posted my Poseidon painting the other day, because I have been working on another sea god. A better one:

Clidastes, god of the sea and forked lightning, does not even look at the ships she sinks.

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