These are the first in a series, where I am attempting to avoid deliberately posing and placing the animals in a composition. Usually we compose animals in scenes for aesthetic reasons, and avoid confessing angles or poses. Obscuring parts (particularly heads and eyes) is nearly always avoided. What if I try to purge those rules? Will a new sort of naturalism develop?

A new – the fabulous fabrosaur Lesothosaurus checks out a burrow in Early Jurassic Lesotho.

A new - A herd of Brachiosaurus altithorax, a Gargoyleosaurus parkpinorum and some pterosaurs in Late Jurassic North America, about 145 million yeras ago.

Anatosaurus (/Anatotitan/Edmontosaurus/Trachodon, etc.) eating some grass.

Chemical Beach, a drawing, is perhaps the only dream-inspired picture I've ever done.

Another drawing, and another God: the great Saddleman stands at the beginning of the world and drips life into the wind.

On the internet, I see a lot of people with fox heads and fox tails. I prefer foxes with people heads and people tails.

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