@Stoori Needs a "none" option for completeness. I can't think of a definition that would include some but not the others.

@arefgee You've nudged me to take another look at Stripe's metered billing (I last did a couple of years ago) and it looks like you can do this though Checkout now, so that's probably what I should do.

@arefgee They had an embeddable metered billing form which did what I wanted, but I think they deprecated all the embedded from APIs? Not sure now.

@HerbSteelbranch I think the API stayed alive for a while, it wasn't a sudden move - but I didn't want to build something into my site that would break in a year or two.

There is a replacement, but it seemed more complicated, and honestly probably beyond my skill level. (I'm an idiot developer).

@silverseams do they have a feature request page anywhere? – I can't find one.

@anthracite It's crazy, because when I compare myself with similar artists, I'm earning way more because of it.

Does anyone out there in Fediverse-land know if there an alternative to Patreon that does per-work (rather than monthly) subscriptions?

(I wrote something for myself using Stripe, but they deprecated the API before I went live, oops!)

@cpi 1991 - wow, more than 30 years and VR still hasn't quite happened!

I just had a thought, because Bitcoin has fixed limited supply, (21m coins) and Bitcoin can be irrecoverably lost, at some point all the Bitcoin will be lost and that will be the end of Bitcoin.

@soaku Certainly hasn't been very helpful!

My favourite is brontosaurus.computer - but I already have the@johnconway.art

@anthracite I think the causation here might be backward. The highest friction process in this study is "persistent pseudonyms" because they required thinking of an (untaken) username, and email confirmation.

The real-name comment systems are just click and go, so websites are much more likely to have drive-by commenters.

We need a comparison with a real-name system that has the same signup process as a pseudo-anonymous one.

My new email should be:

@anthracite I just couldn't in the end with git. I just use Time Machine if I really screw things up. I know that makes me a bad, bad, no-good coder but since I only do it for my own stuff screw you world you can't judge me.

@anthracite Sounds kinda terrifying – the git part that is. Not the drink and the sandwich.

@dansup Likes can be useful for sorting - but they don't need to be displayed. I made my own website, and I wish there was a reasonable way to have an "arrange by popularity/rating" feature.

more anti-composition maunderings 

@anthracite The bad-photograph route is an interesting one, but I don't think it's the road I'm going to take with this. I'm interested in the contrast of deliberately and aesthetically pleasingly painted, but not deliberately angled or framed.

I'm going to explore randomising things programmatically, either by placing animals with a randomiser (there are problems here) or by creating large scenes and randomising frames, or both.

@anthracite Yeah, the first was me just trying to be uncompositional without a specific method. The forest scene I actually grabbed the layers and shook them about with my eyes shut.

I think I need to go further in my mechanical methodology, because unconscious bias is so strong.

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