@nina Also, I think some things are just aesthetically better if we don't just indiscriminately blather about them. Intimacy is devalued if you've told half of Twitter everything about yourself.

@mike Okay, fine you made me reach all the way to the shelf and check this. Clearly I was inspired into a bit of speculation based on the questionable Omeisaurus tail club on the next page.


1: YES
2: I think I based it in a Greg Paul skeletal
3: I think I based it in a Greg Paul skeletal

I should probably reference my pictures.

@llewelly yeah, you can see it in a few of my vector drawings from the period, although I removed the box from a lot of them at some point.

@llewelly That was my signature for a while, a stylised JC [date] in a Japanese-style box.

Chemical Beach, a drawing, is perhaps the only dream-inspired picture I've ever done.

@minoru @richard @joeyh Yeah, maybe, but I don't think enough people would actually boycott. I'd be willing to go with a banner for my own site, or maybe a day of blocking, but not a blanket Chrome ban, and I care!

@minoru @richard @joeyh I don't know, but I think Brave and Vivaldi might start spoofing the API to avoid fingerprinting. Seems like it's a hard problem.

@richard @joeyh

This is not a trivial as I imagined, because Brave specifically presents itself as Google Chrome to reduce its fingerprint. Google has also removed a couple of Javascript objects that used to identify it. Hmm.

@richard @joeyh If it can be done with javascript feature detection, that would be okay, surely?

The would require Brave, Vivaldi and Edge doing something a detectably different I suppose, but I think such differences already exist.

@aral this is probably just going to be another do-not-track situation, right? If enough sites do this, they'll just ignore the setting and FLoC you anyway.

Another drawing, and another God: the great Saddleman stands at the beginning of the world and drips life into the wind.


@anthracite oh my god this drives me nuts! And you have to stick it in your photos because the isn’t a upload from files option.

I Safari on my Mac with the user agent set to “iPhone” to upload to Instagram. Still hate it though.

@llewelly But no fiat, so power to the people, such freedom. Wow.

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