@dansup Likes can be useful for sorting - but they don't need to be displayed. I made my own website, and I wish there was a reasonable way to have an "arrange by popularity/rating" feature.

more anti-composition maunderings 

@anthracite The bad-photograph route is an interesting one, but I don't think it's the road I'm going to take with this. I'm interested in the contrast of deliberately and aesthetically pleasingly painted, but not deliberately angled or framed.

I'm going to explore randomising things programmatically, either by placing animals with a randomiser (there are problems here) or by creating large scenes and randomising frames, or both.

@anthracite Yeah, the first was me just trying to be uncompositional without a specific method. The forest scene I actually grabbed the layers and shook them about with my eyes shut.

I think I need to go further in my mechanical methodology, because unconscious bias is so strong.

These are the first in a series, where I am attempting to avoid deliberately posing and placing the animals in a composition. Usually we compose animals in scenes for aesthetic reasons, and avoid confessing angles or poses. Obscuring parts (particularly heads and eyes) is nearly always avoided. What if I try to purge those rules? Will a new sort of naturalism develop?


A new – the fabulous fabrosaur Lesothosaurus checks out a burrow in Early Jurassic Lesotho.

@benjancewicz Yes, one of their major datacenters (or datacenter groups) US-EAST-1 is down. It's taken large parts of the internet with it!

A new - A herd of Brachiosaurus altithorax, a Gargoyleosaurus parkpinorum and some pterosaurs in Late Jurassic North America, about 145 million yeras ago.


Anatosaurus (/Anatotitan/Edmontosaurus/Trachodon, etc.) eating some grass.

@nina Also, I think some things are just aesthetically better if we don't just indiscriminately blather about them. Intimacy is devalued if you've told half of Twitter everything about yourself.

@mike Okay, fine you made me reach all the way to the shelf and check this. Clearly I was inspired into a bit of speculation based on the questionable Omeisaurus tail club on the next page.


1: YES
2: I think I based it in a Greg Paul skeletal
3: I think I based it in a Greg Paul skeletal

I should probably reference my pictures.

@llewelly yeah, you can see it in a few of my vector drawings from the period, although I removed the box from a lot of them at some point.

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