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Hi Tooters, I am an artist on the internet, and I paint a lot, so you should expect that. I also paint and draw other things, like trains, aliens, robots, gods, ugly old people, people with long shoes, long cats, and landscapes.

I have created two books with Memo Kosemen & Darren Naish: All Yesterdays, about how we portray dinosaurs, and Cryptozoologicon, about mystery animals.

My website:
My patreon:

Professor Ernstwesen would like to show you his collection of creatures from oriental mythology.

I have an idea for a social network. It’s really good. Who do I see about my multi-million dollar deal?

Here's some I made a while back – he's playing those mind games, forever.

Here's a speculative reconstruction of a Tyrannosaurus mouth -- in (pseudo) 3D.

I had better make a toot to get this new Mastodon address started. He's Vulcanodon, in the Felt Mountains.