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Time for a ; here’s Saltasaurus in a field of flowers (yes it really was that wide).

I'll kick off my first toot with a skeletal of the criminally underrated Camarasaurus.

Alrighty then. Hello Mastodoners. For my very first.... toot... I'd like to say that I like dinosaurs.

I've set up a Mastodon instance at the best domain in the world:, and it's open for signups if you want to upgrade your handle.

Two other ~dons from the time of the Mastodons; Procoprodon, a giant kangaroo, and Diprotodon, a kind of giant wombat/koala.

Good evening Fediverse, here's a battleship in a forest for your consideration.

Here's a portrait of a man named Bill. Bill doesn't know why his wife Daisy left him. He hopes his dog Daisy won't. He knows his Special Beer won't.

Hmm, it seems that Mast for Mastodon does not, in fact, support scheduling. Oh well, I suppose I will have to toot synchronously like an animal.

Important scientific content: Ceratosaurus and the City – if you stay there long enough, you become part of it.

Vector drawing done in Adobe Illustrator.

I'd like some recommendations of who to follow in the Fediverse. I'd 'specially to find some (where are they?), but any other suggestions welcome.

For your , I bring you a giant Barosaurus dwarfing some Diplodocus (and some on-sauropod dryosaurs.

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