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The CSS on my website is 1000 lines of Less which I have only ever added to, and never removed anything. I feel like it is a monster waiting to crush me with it's sheer weight of history.

Cover for PALEOCENE #3, out later this year (hopefully).

With all this NFT guff going around, I’ve been (lord help me) thinking about cryptocurrencies again. Does anyone know anything about the pro and cons of the currencies that do useful computation as proof-of-work, like Gridcoin?

Hey everyone, I made a video of the the painting of the Countess Dinosauroid, and even made a short documentary about the creative process that lead up to it, hope you like it!

The kids on Youtube are baffled that even though I comment on a video ten years ago I'm... still alive!

I must be like a hundred years old or some shit.

Every now and then I think to myself "I should make some more Youtube videos". Then I sit down with <any video editing software> and I just want to murder myself to death because they all suck so damn bad. Is that just me?

A new - there's a little tradition in palaeoartist circles that at some point, you need to paint a "what if Troodon had survived until now?" picture.

I have the definitive answer: Comtesse d'Innosouroidé

A new , Saturn.

Mission control, we've discovered the nature of dark matter.

It's a very large nude old guy with no clothes on and a nasty looking knife.

It seems to me that computers are getting better at abstract art, playing with the edge of perception, and archetypes than people are.

This is one of my older drawings, but also one of my favourites. Meet The Longbodys:

It was the first time I really pushed transparency to give a painterly effect in vectors. I don't remember seeing the technique before I did this, so I'm going to assume I invented it.

I posted my Poseidon painting the other day, because I have been working on another sea god. A better one:

Clidastes, god of the sea and forked lightning, does not even look at the ships she sinks.

I've been trying to organise my thoughts on what I want my website to actually do, and I keep running around in circles in my head.

Can anyone recommend a Mac app that's a bit like a freeform to-do, but doesn't actually expect you to be getting things done™?

I actually prefer paid apps, but Omni Outliner is a little much...

Anyway, here's a I prepared earlier:

Poseidon, muncher of ocean liners.

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